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With Still On you can turn your idea into reality, grow your project, without worrying about costs.

Or you can help other projects through kindness and generosity, contributing little by little to a world better than yesterday.

We help you to realize your dreams through


We design your brand from the logo to the website, expressing the best of the concept you want to convey.


We create with you the best digital and traditional marketing strategy in order to help your project grow.


We prepare the best presentation of your project to the world through video, image, animation or text.

Who we are

Still On is a social digital agency that intends to make a difference in the world through digital services, helping start-ups, artistic projects, nonprofit organizations, among other projects, in the areas of design, marketing, and multimedia.

These times we are living in are difficult due to the crisis originated by COVID-19, and we know how expensive this kind investment can be.

That’s why Still On emerges as a voluntary digital agency to support these initial difficulties, contributing with the services of these very necessary areas.

We work through the honor system

we serve

We offer quality services, as a result of the passion we have for what we do and our genuine desire to help make a difference.

you support

Every support, as humble as it may be, will be received with an open heart, embraced as a force to believe more and more in a better world.

Ikigai = life purpose

This is how we build our life purpose: doing what we love and what we do best, sharing with you in a way that makes a difference, and in addition creating a cycle of gratitude where everyone can win.



Get to know and follow our testimonials that are making their projects come true and are growing with us.
Maria, Your Barber
Maria, Your Barber
I was able to open my own business thanks to Still On, and in a short time I got a good chain of customers. I could not be more happy! Thank you 😊
Still On - Pedro's Cleaning Services
Pedro's Cleaning Services
Excellent job! Thank you very much! I’m very happy with job!
Pedro Emanuel

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